Current and Past Customers

Government Customers: Commercial Customers:
NIH–General Medical Sciences United Technologies
NIH–Digestive and Kidney Diseases Lockheed Missiles
NIH- Allergy and Infectious Disease Applied Biosystems
NIH–Division of Research Resources Packard Instruments
NIH–Environmental Health Sciences Malvern Instruments (UK)
NIH–Biomed. Imaging & Bioengineering Oriel Instruments
National Institutes of Mental Health FMC BioProducts
National Science Foundation FMC Food Ingredients
Department of Energy FMC Chemical Products
Environmental Protection Agency FMC Citrus Machinery
NASA Kennedy Space Center FMC Corporate Technology
NASA Johnson Space Center Dundics Enterprises
NASA Ames Research Center Talis International
NASA Stennis Space Center Veritec, Inc.
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory APS Technologies
NOAA Designs & Prototypes
U.S. Army Sunkist Growers, Inc.
Defense Threat Reduction Agency Zygo Corporation
Ballistic Missile Defense Organization BioSignal, Inc.
Office of Naval Research DuPont Medical Products
Naval Sea Systems Commands HTS Biosystems

Ciencia, Inc.
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