• Surface Plasmon-Coupled Emission enhances fluorescent signal and permits collection of ~100x more light than typical fluorescent readers.
  • Active area of 1cm2 permits measurement of analytes at up to 2,000 spots simultaneously.
  • Femtomolar sensitivities achievable at each spot.
  • Analyte composition only limited by available capture molecules (e.g. antibodies, aptamers, nucleotides, etc.)
  • Each spot requires nanograms of capture and detection reagent, minimizing costs per assay.
  • Requires only small sample volumes (~0.5mL). Programmable recirculation maximizes analyte capture while minimizing non-specific binding.
  • Assays are conducted on inexpensive disposable chips.
  • Sensor chips are compatible with most robotic spotters.
  • Now available with integrated computer.
  • Customizations available. Please call to discuss your research needs.
  • All-in-one software package facilitates assignment of regions of interest, controls fluidics, and provides data analysis.
  • Minimal technical expertise required.
  • Spatial isolation of capture analytes minimizes cross-reactivity.
  • Programmable heater included, maintaining set temperature ±0.1°C
  • Select from built-in flow sequence, or design your own with 6 separate fluidics channels.
  • Flow cell assembly tool included.

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