President — Ciencia's current President is Mr. Arturo Pilar. Arturo's career at Ciencia began as the Vice President, but he assumed the full responsibilities as president in 2006. Under Arturo's leadership, Ciencia has developed the D2SPR and D3SPR technologies, and he is actively persuing corporate partnerships to bring these and our next-generation technologies to market. In 2012, Ciencia won the second-largest number of SBIR grants from the National Institutes of Health in Connecticut. Arturo aims to translate these technologies into platforms for furthering biomedical research and ultimately the field of clinical diagnostics.

Principal Investigator — Ciencia's current Principal Investigator and Chief of Engineering is Dr. Ernest Guignon. Dr. Guignon has had a long and successful career in instrument design and production, and has been with Ciencia since its founding in 1992. Dr. Guignon specializes in taking a concept, recruiting the relevant experts necessary to maximize a project's success, moving through a systemic analysis and feasibility assessment, and completing the technical and analytical steps necessary to achieve the delivery of an integrated fully functional system.

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