D2SPR GC-Fluor ®
Next-Gen Plasmonic Microarray Platform

Ciencia's Flagship Instrument — Monitors an enhanced fluorescent signal at up to 2,000 antibody, aptamer, nucleotide, or other capture ligand spots. Enhancement captures ~100x more light than typical fluorimeters.

Surface Plasmon-Coupled Emission

A Plasmonic Solution to the Sensitivity Problem

The GC-Fluor® utilizes Ciencia's patented grating-coupled approach to SPCE. This technology permits our high-content and low-cost approach to microarray reading.      More Information.

Product Pipeline

Ciencia is working to develop the next generation of Surface Plasmon Resonance and Surface Plasmon-Coupled Emission assays. We would be happy to discuss our newest projects and the prototypes that have not yet reached maturity. Please contact us for more information.

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