Ciencia, Inc.

Ciencia Inc. transforms cutting-edge scientific innovations into the future of medical diagnostics. Our breakthrough Centinela™ technology brings laboratory-quality testing close to home. Validated through peer-reviewed publications in reputable scientific journals, Centinela offers results in less than 30 minutes using fingerstick or venous samples.

Our tests have demonstrated superiority over traditional assays for Lyme Disease and COVID-19 variants. Yet the applications extend far beyond infectious diseases, with Centinela poised to meet needs in primary care, hematology, gastroenterology, neurology, critical care, and more. Simultaneously performing dozens of tests at the point of care, Centinela provides a low-cost, rapid, and accurate alternative to the established clinical laboratory.

Ciencia seeks collaborative partnerships to broaden our customer base, adapt new tests to the Centinela platform, and apply for FDA approval.

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