Our Team

Arturo Pilar, President and CEO

Arturo Pilar

President and CEO

Dr. Ernest F. Guignon, CTO

Dr. Ernest F. Guignon


Dr. William D. Page, Senior Scientist

Dr. William D. Page

Senior Scientist

David Potter, VP of Commercial Operations

David Potter

VP of Commercial Operations


Ciencia has established close relationships with academics who use the Centinela platform to perform assays that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive using traditional methods. These research efforts validated our approach and enabled our current initiative in clinical diagnostics. Key collaborations include:

Dr. George Gibson

Professor of Physics at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Gibson has designed the streamlined GC-FP optical system currently in use in the Centinela platform.

Dr. Nathaniel Cady

Professor of Nanobioscience at SUNY Polytechnic Institute and collaborator on Lyme Disease and COVID-19 antibody studies.

Dr. Michael Lynes

Professor of Immunology at the University of Connecticut and early adopter of GC-FP technology. Dr. Lynes has explored diverse applications of our technology such as MIS-C, type I diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and toxicant exposure on stem cells.

Dr. David Lawrence

Professor and Chair of Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Albany School of Public Health and the Wadsworth Center. Dr. Lawrence has explored GC-FP technology for the detection of circulating breast cancer tumor cells, effects of toxicants, and cytokine analysis.

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