The Science

Ciencia has built the Centinela platform to improve clinical diagnostics by increasing both accuracy and access. Our technology has been designed to provide on-site laboratory-quality answers to key clinical questions, permitting clinical evaluation, diagnosis, and therapy initiation in the same encounter. The value of our approach derives from the dramatic enhancement of fluorescent signals occurring on our sensor surface. These inexpensive disposible sensors are built using techniques perfected for the manufacture of CDs/DVDs, but make even the tiniest signal bright. This allows us to rapidly perform numerous high-quality assays using sub-nanogram amounts of reagents.

Lyme Serodiagnostics

Ciencia has partnered with Dr. Nathaniel Cady at SUNY Polytechnic to develop a superior assay for Lyme disease. Using our Centinela platform, his approach showed an overall 90% sensitivity and 100% specificity for detecting Lyme disease (compared to 60%/100% with standard techniques). Additional information may be found in the May/June cover story of Biophotonics Magazine and in the following peer-reviewed publications:

COVID Variants

With the emergence of COVID-19, we recognized that the Centinela platform is ideally suited to evaluate an individual’s immune response to virus variant and vaccines. Dr. Cady extracted dried fingerstick blood from filter paper cards and characterized changes in immunity that occurred with infection, vaccination, and booster shots. We quantify antibody titers against a dozen variant proteins simultaneously.

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and Dr. Michael Lynes at UConn were recently awarded a grant entitled “Identifying biomarker signatures of prognostic value for Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C).” The biomarker discovery effort is driven by Centinela technology.

Press and peer-reviewed publications detailing Ciencia’s efforts to understand COVID-19 and arrest its spread may be found in the following publications:


The technology behind the Centinela platform began as a research tool. One of the most frequent applications has been quantification of multiple cytokines in a sample. A variety of sample types have been investigated.

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